August 16, 2018 by: Robert & DeniseBarbier

The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer

Ever wonder why that phrase came into existence?  According to Pappy van Winkle Barbier (pictured here) it means the days are too hot, the ground is too dry, and the rain is long overdue so why are you (Pappy's care and play provider) working in the yard and not playing with me????  The Old Farmer's Almanac somewhat agrees with Pappy.  It states that the phrase is associated with the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, that is part of the group of stars that forms the constellation Canis Major.  The Egyptians associated this celestial phenomena with the rising of the Nile River and a good omen.  The Greeks and Romans were not so pleased with the appearance of Sirius as to them it meant an increase in drought, disease and discomfort.  

However you interpret "the Dog Days of Summer,"  the hot days are here for a while in this part of Texas.  So grab an ice cold beverage to refresh and honor your canine companion with a little play time. 

Come on, Pappy, let's play fetch!

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